Advertising on Shop Virginia's Finest is Virginia’s destination for fine products. Bring added credibility to your company and products with an ad on this popular internet destination. This site heightens the awareness of Virginia agriculture by helping customers find producers and growers of the highest quality products. Display Ads on the site will help build your brand and boost sales of your products. 

All VA Finest certified merchants are entitled to a free basic listing on the website. Display ads may be purchased as an upgrade, which include an image or company logo,  About Us text, Product and Brand info (in addition to the free basic listing details).

Please fill out the form below to order a paid display ad for your VA Finest certified company. Only VA Finest certified companies may advertise on this website.

Display Ad Rates

Display ads are $200 per category per year, and run January through December. Inclusion in the Holiday category for November and December only is available for $50.

​SPECIAL OFFER: Buy two categories and get a third for only $50!

Fees for ads starting mid-cycle will be prorated to keep on this fiscal advertising schedule.  Display Ad invoices will be sent via email and are payable in full prior to the creation of your ad on the website.

Banner Ad Rates

Banner ads are available on the homepage and subpages for an additional $25 per ad per year. Creation of the banner graphic is included. Banners will showcase a product photo or logo and your company name. Only VA Finest certified companies may advertise on this website.

Sample banner ad:

Paid Display Ad and Banner Request Form

Your business must be VA Finest certified to purchase an advertisement on this site.
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Please include your customer service phone number. This will be published with your display ad.
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Please provide your main customer service email address.
Please provide your website address. Include http:// or https://.
If your products are available in retail locations, please list those here. Include the name and address of the retail locations.
If you would prefer to send a file that has a list of your "available at" locations, you can upload that file here.
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This is for ShopVA Finest internal use only and will not appear in your ad. This is also the email address for a review proof of your ad.
Display Ad Categories:

You must choose at least one display ad category. Fees are based on the number of categories you choose.
Please limit your text to approximately 500 characters. NOTE: Your Product list and Brand name info as shown on the VA Finest website will automatically be included below this About Us text information.
Each Display Ad has space for one image. You may include your logo, a product shot, a photo of your store, or one graphic that combines any of these. Recommended Image Size: 406 x 195 pixels. Image Format: .png or .jpg. Please upload your graphic here or email to If emailing, be sure to include your business name and note that you are participating in the ShopVaFinest program. If you are providing different graphics to be used in multiple categories, please specify which image to associate with each category.
Rotator Banner Ad Graphic:

For an additional $25, we can include a specialized banner ad graphic on the homepage and subpages of the website. Creation of the banner graphic is included using your logo, a product photo and your company name. Banner graphics run in rotation, and are not guaranteed on every page load.
If you have a specific product image you want to include in your banner graphic, please upload it here. Otherwise, we will select one featured on your website's homepage. Image size is 406 x 195 pixels, so uploaded images will need to be sized appropriately.
Ad Renewals:


What is Virginia's Finest?
The Virginia's Finest trademark signifies that agricultural and food products have met quality standards established by industries and approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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