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Agricultural products so good, they live up to their name.

When it comes to agricultural diversity, good fortune smiles on the State of Virginia. The Commonwealth’s producers and processors offer a remarkable array of quality foods and beverages. When you want the very best of the best, the Virginia’s Finest™ trademark makes it easy to find.

One of the most successful quality programs in the country

In 1989, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services created the Virginia’s Finest™ Trademark Program to help identify agricultural products that meet quality standards which elevate them from acceptable to exceptional. Simply put, it means that meats, seafood, jams, jellies, baked goods, peanuts, fresh produce, wines, potted plants, Christmas trees, and much more that carry the Virginia’s Finest™ trademark are the very best they can be.

A program that allows you to buy – and give – with full confidence

With the Virginia’s Finest™ assurance of quality, it has never been easier to feel confident in your purchases or to find tasteful and distinctive gifts for personal and corporate gift-giving. A Virginia’s Finest™ gift is always ideal for holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, congratulations and other special occasions. Look for the Virginia’s Finest™ trademark in gift shops, gourmet and specialty shops, grocery stores, nurseries and farmers’ markets. You can also visit the Web to find Virginia’s Finest™ products and retailers that carry them.

A diversity of products

Find a list here of the variety of products that have earned the prestigious Virginia's Finest quality certification.

What is Virginia's Finest?
The Virginia's Finest trademark signifies that agricultural and food products have met quality standards established by industries and approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

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